Month: June 2016

Simple Multiple WordPress Sites Management for Your Business Website

Effectively Manage Multiple WordPress Sites

If you have a multiple WordPress sites or planning to create multiple WordPress sites for your business, you should try to consider setting up a WordPress Multiple Network. Multiple WordPress sites management can be time consuming since you need to go through multiple sites like themes, users, plugins and other important features. There are a lot of benefits that you can get when you choose to set up a Multisite Network.


Multisite is a WordPress feature that allows users to have multiple WordPress sites management in a simple process. If you have already set up a WordPress site, you can still switch over to WordPress Multisite but you need to backup your website first before switching. Using WordPress Multisite allows you to perform updates at once. This is perfect if your websites share plugins or themes. Rather than going through every website and doing the update, you can do this at once. This allows you to minimize the time that is required to manage multiple wordpress sites from one dashboard every WordPress installation.

Being the super admin, you can be able to access the Network Admin Screen. This is where you can be able to perform changes to the sites, updates, handle other tasks and add users as well. The super admin is generated when WordPress Multisite is used.

One advantage that you can get from using Multisite is that your websites will load quickly even if there are SEO plugins installed. As compared to hosting separate websites, you can be able to load websites faster when you use Multisite. The reason for this is that you are only making use of a single installation of WordPress in handling all of the process that is needed in loading a WordPress site.

You can be able to manage users easily with the use of Multisite. If you have websites that are part of the same business network, there might be users that require different privileges for the users as well. For instance a certain user can be an editor on one website and a contributor to another website. Without Multisite, you will need to create two separate user’s, password and login management separately.

With Multisite, you will not only have a fast multiple WordPress sites management but you can also save money and time. As a business owner, you know that time equals to money. Hence, Multisite is a money saving option that you can use when it comes to handling more than one website for your business.


Ways to Find Worpress Plugin Developers to Handle Your Website’s User Access

Ways to Find Worpress Plugin Developers to Handle Your Website’s User Access

Professional WordPress Plugin Developers

8If you have an online website, it is a must that you make sure that it is well maintained and functioning properly. Your website helps in reaching possible customers since more and more people are referring to the internet when they are searching for a service or product that they need. Nowadays, the online industry makes it easy, fast and convenient for customers to find whatever it is that they need. In just a simple click of the mouse, they can be able to take a look at a wide array of services and products. Finding the right business is easier nowadays thanks to technology.

This is also the reason why business owners are developing their very own website. You can be able to increase your sales and revenue if you are visible to online customers. On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that if you have a website you can be able to a lot of customers immediately. It is not that easy. Take note that there are a lot of websites that offers the same services and products that you did which makes competition tough. This is true most especially if your website have just gone live. You need to do some optimization first to make sure that your website ranks on search engine results.

Of course, you also need to maintain your website and make sure that every navigation button is functional, consider using wordpress user management plugin. You also need to check if your website operates perfectly on various devices like mobile phones. In order to make sure that your website is well maintained, you need to hire the services of user access WordPress plugin developers. There are a lot of developers that are offering their services but you also need to make sure that you hire a qualified and trusted developer.

What better way to find user access WordPress plugin developers that to search online? Before anything else, you need to check out the background of the developer before you decide to hire him. Take note that the developer will have an access to your website and he has more knowledge with WordPress than you did so you need to see to it that he can be trusted. It is best that you hire a developer that is recommended by a friend who has availed the services of a developer before. That way, your friend can testify to the kind of service that the developer provides.